Delegación inglesa en apoyo de Aminatou

Mañana aterrizará en Lanzarote una delegación inglesa en apoyo a Aminatou, a la que entregarán el manifiesto que a continuación reproduzco en inglés. Abajo, los firmantes del mismo:

Dear Ms Haidar

We are writing as to express our sincerest solidarity with your brave and principled stand. We would like to convey our profound admiration for the action you have taken to try end the injustice suffered by your people, not just now as you sit in the terminal of Lanzarotte airport, but throughout your life. We recognise that your hunger strike is not about the individual right of one person to return to her home and family but about the collective right denied to the Saharawi people to live freely in their native.

Over the past two decades you have shown by example how the strength and courage of a single individual can expose the iniquity of a powerful state. Indeed, your hunger strike has drawn international to one of the world's longest running and least remembered conflicts. It is now up to all of us to make sure that your hunger strike is not in vain and we pledge to do all we can to support you and the people of Western Sahara.

Jeremy Corbyn MP (Vice Chair, Parliamentary Human Rights Committee)
David Drew MP
Peter Bottomley MP
Glenda Jackson MP
John Austin MP
John Grogan MP
Katy Clark MP
Paul Flynn MP
Mark Williams MP
Frank Cook MP
Jill Evans MEP
Baroness Helena Kennedy QC
Ken Loach (film director)
Terry Jones (actor & former Monty Python)
Juliet Stevenson (actor)
Matt Wrack (General Secretary, Fire Brigades Union)
Mick Shaw (President Fire Brigades Union)
Paul Laverty (screen writer)
John Hilary, (Executive Director, War on Want)
Mark Leutchford (President, Western Sahara Campaign UK)
Y.Lamine Baali (Polisario Front chief UK representative)
Danielle Smith (Director, Sandblast charity)
Giles Foreman (Director, Caravanserai)
John Gurr (Western Sahara Resource Watch)
Stefan Simanowitz (Chair, Free Western Sahara Network)
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